What food can only be found in texas?

While some say Frito Pie was invented in New Mexico and others claim it was invented in Texas, today it's a staple at sports stalls across the Lone Star state. It's even on restaurant menus. So what is Frito Pie? In most parts of the country, fried foods are just a bag of chips, but in Texas they make them even tastier. The Texans open the bag of chips and fill it with chili, cheese and onion.

Fried cake is so popular in Texas that it has even been nicknamed the Texas Straw Hat. Not to be confused with the Spanish dish of the same name, migas are the quintessential Tex-Mex breakfast, second only to the breakfast burrito. But you'll definitely need a fork to decimate the pile of scrambled eggs, tortilla strips, veggies, cheese, and chorizo. Tamales have existed since the days of the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations.

The corn-based dough is rolled with meat or cheese filling, wrapped in corn leaves and steamed. The best tamales are prepared by grandma (grandmother), so make new friends and get ready to impress the family. Summers are very hot, so it's no surprise that companies in Texas have produced fresh ice cream. Amy's is a restaurant originally from Austin that serves Mexican vanilla and special flavors for drinking.

But most Texans will tell you that there's only room in the freezer for one name on Blue Bell ice cream. From its small beginnings in Brenham to the international recognition of its brand, Blue Bell has flavors such as Mardi Gras Kings Cake, Southern Peach Cobbler and Pecan Pralines 'n Cream. Get ready for brain freeze because you have exactly 30 seconds to eat a full bowl before you melts.

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