What is austin texas known for food?

While Austin is known for its legendary Tex-Mex restaurant, tasty breakfast tacos, and juicy barbecue, there's so much more to explore in the capital's gastronomic history. Enjoy a cheesy, Detroit style pizza at Via 313, which has four physical stores and two food trucks. 24 Diner, a classic restaurant with exclusive dishes, is open 24 hours a day to serve breakfast, burgers and much more. Benedictine eggs topped with goat cheese are a favorite and are served on weekends until ready sell out.

Enjoy a full plate of tacos at any time of the day at Tyson's Tacos, a 24-hour taco joint in Austin. From breakfast tacos to duck tacos, there's a lot to try on the menu. Joe's Bakery has been serving tacos for breakfast, coffee and more for 75 years, and is a Tex-Mex staple for Austin foodies. Despite being the capital of Texas and home to the main campus of the University of Texas, Austin blatantly prides itself on being strange.

Texans are proud to be the creators of chili (don't try to argue), so it's no surprise that Texas Chili Parlor appears on this list of the best food in Austin. Just remember to eat tacos and brisket for breakfast while enjoying Austin food, and you'll have made the most of your stay in this famous Texas city. Another local chain, Madam Mam's, is the place for Thai food in Austin and one of the favorite places to eat in Austin for many in the city. This list of the best dishes in Austin, filled with everything from Thai food to brunch to pasta, will help you narrow down your list of places to try on your next visit (or night out) to Austin.

But Austin is also a diverse and growing city with a vibrant food scene and, possibly, more food trucks than residents. Texas barbecuing is legendary, and Austin's location in Central Texas places the city at the center of the state's barbecuing activity. Texas is home to breakfast tacos, chili and its own style of barbecue, plus all the typical Austin dishes. Soak up the Texas sun in your outdoor seats during brunch, breakfast or lunch for a fun date idea in Austin.

Continue your carnivorous journey on local Austin barbecues and trucks before driving to nearby Lockhart for the best day barbecue trip in Texas. In fact, the slogan “Keep Austin Weird” has been the motto of the Austin Independent Business Alliance since the early 2000s. If you prefer to try cooking Austin food yourself, cooking classes in Austin are an authentic way to learn how to prepare many of the regional dishes in your own kitchen. It's no secret that Austin strives to keep things weird, and this sentiment extends to its culinary scene.

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